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  • How do I enter NEUEREALITAET?
    You enter through the blue portal.
  • What do I eat/drink to fully immerse myself into NEUEREALITAET?
    Nothing, really. NEUEREALITAET is not accessed by eating a cookie or drinking a potion like you do when you want to enter Wonderland. You enter NEUEREALITAET by falling into the state just between being awake and being asleep, just when everything starts feeling a bit . . . unreal - when the visions start coming. Trust them and let them come and go.
  • Who do I follow to explore NEUEREALITAET?
    You follow Alice. (Yes, I hear you: In case you want to enter Wonderland, you follow the white rabbit! But you are here for NEUEREALITAET, right?)
  • What else is the difference between Wonderland and NEUEREALITAET?
    While in Wonderland nothing makes sense and everyone is crazy, in NEUEREALITAET, everything makes sense and no-one is crazy. Furthermore, Wonderland is a place of disconnection (just remember how every creature is very much in their own head and talking past one another, how they fight etc.) - whereas in NEUEREALITAET, all is connected.
  • Are there any tea parties in NEUEREALITAET?
    Frankly, NEUEREALITAET offers cooler parties than tea parties - follow Alice to get invited and explore . . . If you want a tea party, follow the white rabbit and eat your cookie.
  • Are there any chess matches in NEUEREALITAET?
    There are twisted games in NEUEREALITAET, and we could argue they originate in chess. But NEUEREALITAET follows different rules, so expect some mind gaming twister matches.
  • What is so NEU (German to English: new) about NEUEREALITAET?
    Nothing, really. Alice calls NEUEREALITAET NEUEREALITAET, because most of us spend a lot of time in what she calls the old reality (in comparison to the new), but, in fact, the old reality is just “reality”, and NEUEREALITAET is not “new”. It is better to imagine NEUEREALITAET and the (old) reality as two parallel but not congruent nor even purposefully related readings of whatever we experience, i.e., reality. NEUEREALITAET is an entirely different reading of reality. The currently predominant reading of reality is what Alice calls the “old” reality. NEUEREALITAET is a reading of reality that is only “new” if you never read it that way, and that is why Alice calls it “new”, because she talks to you, her co-creator, to pick you up where you most likely stand at the moment. And from that reading of reality, NEUEREALITAET is new in case you never done it before. But. You are entering NEUEREALITAET.
  • Ok, got you. But how do I do read reality in NEUEREALITAET?
    In NEUEREALITAET, everything has equal importance and meaning. Through this reading, you find new ways of interrelating everything and you find meaning you could not perceive in the “old” reality. Now I need to make you ask an important question to get the full picture, so the next FAQ actually comes from me . . .
  • What is “everything”?
    “Everything” is not exactly the right term because it specifies “thing”, and NEUEREALITAET means an “everything” that is all-encompassing of any[ . . . thing, for lack of a better word as of yet] including, but not restricted to, things. To approach what it means, we can start by enumerating a non-exhaustive list of [things]: energies, intuitions, memories, visions, sounds, objects, animals, feelings, emotions, algae, minerals, water, human bodies, . . . But there is a better way to explain this. We just need to take a small detour. A couple of weeks ago, I discussed the following question with a friend: What is it that a painting can achieve? What is the justification of existence for a painting? Why would or should Alice in NEUEREALITAET chose that form as an expression in opposition to any other form? I had to ask that question before going back full circle. A painting puts every[thing] at one level. Alice paints NEUEREALITAET. She translates every[thing] into NEUEREALITAET. And now I will introduce the correct term for denominating every[thing], and, be prepared, it is coming straight from NEUEREALITAET already, i.e., from a reality where every[thing] can relate to every[thing] and make sense. Since her name is Alice, and Alice - pronounced the English way - sounds like the German word “alles”, and since “alles” means “everything” in English, and since we call her Alice in NEUEREALITAET, the correct term for “everything” meaning the non-exhaustive list of [things] is ALLES.
  • So, what does it mean to see the world as NEUEREALITAET?
    It means putting ALLES at one level (you do that by matter-realising ALLES) and finding previously unseen relations and meaning in this evened-out reality.
  • What does it mean to matter-realise?
    To “materialise" is the etymological root of to “matter-realise”. What matters, i.e., is materialised and seen as some[thing] of importance, is, at its root, a question of power: Who has the power to materialise some[thing]? What remains unseen, unsaid, hidden? What is then realised, in the double sense: understood, and becoming part of reality? What is the decision process behind? It is not possible to create a perfectly just world where ALLES, ALLES is matter-realised. But it is possible to be transparent about who is matter-realising what and why and how. Alice, for instance, matter-realises subconscious visions by painting because it makes her feel ALIVE, and as they matter-realise, they reveal their sense, and even more, but only if we look at them in NEUEREALITAET.
  • What is a co-creator? Am I a co-creator?
    You are. You are a co-creator of NEUEREALITAET because your subjective perspective, your feelings, your intuitions, your visions, the way you perceive and give meaning, creates and multiplies NEUEREALITAET. Test it by looking at one of the paintings and tell us what you see!
  • What is the connection between ALICE, ALLES, ALIVE, and ALLIES?
    Those words all sound similar in slight variations like a sparrow family and in NEUEREALITAET, this underlines their connection. They are connected as a unidirectional hierarchical and conditional circular equation: ALICE <=> ALLES <=> ALIVE <=> ALLIES
  • We haven’t talked about ALLIES yet. What are ALLIES?
    ALLIES are Alice’s allies. And if you are a co-creator, you automatically become an ally.
  • What is a unidirectional hierarchical and conditional circular equation?
    It is similar to a sparrow family where two sparrows mate and generate offspring that all sit in a circular nest. No sparrow, no egg. But are the parents higher up in the hierarchy than the offspring? That is the question.
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