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BREAK ALIVE is a collaboration with breakdancer Bboy Khaire from Casablanca, Morocco. As a member of the internationally successful breakdance group LHIBA KINGZOO, Khaire performed at various festivals and battles both in Africa and in Europe. His dance style is characterised by precise footwork and innovative musicality.


We combine our respective art forms into a performance characterised by the rapid rhythms of street breakdance and the absolute silence of paintings.


Dancing and painting enter into a dynamic dialogue, each art form absorbing elements of the other. The breakdancer stands still - “freezes” - like a painting, the painting enters the urban space and becomes “alive” like the dancer.

BREAK ALIVE brings together the results of a three-year dialogue between us about the possibilities and limitations of creativity in the midst of our current socio-cultural, political and economic network. This network organises, shapes, categorises and structures our lives. Creativity uses this network, the existing forms, categories and structures, builds on them, and breaks them, dissolving old categories and creating new ones.


BREAK ALIVE explores this process as a rhythmic relation between silence, standstill, and structure on the one hand and movement, expression, creative formations on the other.


Creativity makes us alive.

Performance Dates

Premiere at 48h Neukölln Festival 2024

28 June 2024 20:00–20:30

29 June 2024 18:00–18:30

29 June 2024 19:00–19:30

29 June 2024 20:00–20:30

t.b.a. at kunstraum heartspace

"invite me to the performance"

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