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NEUEREALITAET (German to English: "NEW REALITY") is both the concept and its creator's artist name.

NEUEREALITAET is the third space uniting spectator and spectated, experiencer, experience and experienced

- concept and creator.

Drawing from the subconscious,

NEUEREALITAET matter-realises and unites

all levels of consciousness at the same level, renouncing the modern paradigm of a paradoxical system of categorisations*

that tacitly deny access to our actual reality.


In that sense, NEUEREALITAET is not actually "new". It is as old as existence.

But it is "new" against the backdrop of a modern worldview.

"I seek to express the actual reality of human experience: the conscious and the subconscious, the material and the immaterial, the tangible and the intangible. 


Thoughts, visions, dreams, memories. Intuitions. Emotions, energies, relationships. Humans, animals, plants, mushrooms, algae, minerals, objects. They are all entangled, and together, they constitute this reality through the continuous intra-action with our different perspectives.

NEUEREALITAET unites all at the same level of matter-realisation. NEUEREALITAET thus realises connections and worlds that elude the preconditioned categorisations of the modern* worldview. 


Once I make this reality visible, the process continues with you. Through your perspective on the matter-realised, you are a co-creator of NEUEREALITAET, an active part in the continuous co-creation of our actual reality." **


Referring to:

 *Latour, B. (2012). We have never been modern. Harvard University Press.

**Barad, K. (2007). Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum physics and the entanglement of matter and meaning. Duke University Press.

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