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4 Changing the World Through Slight Touches

I met Sezer in front of a restaurant in my neighbourhood, a busy street crossing at a subway station. He was waiting to pick up a food delivery and had one of those big biker backpacks with him. Since he was waiting, I felt I could approach him with my question. When I asked him what he believed in, his eyes sparked up.

“I change the world through art, just a slight touch at a time”, he said and smiled at me. “Just a slight touch, and life takes a different direction”, he said.

“I believe in the good for my life. I make theatre. It makes me so happy. I’m living my dream.” Back in Turkey, he couldn’t find opportunities, but here in Berlin, he is now directing at two well-known theatres. I got goosebumps immediately, because our conversation felt charged with good energy. 

I spotted a little tattoo on his right forearm. “What’s that?” – “It’s Saturn. Very beautiful and strong.” He explained that last year, the rings of Saturn had been hit by another planet. The collision had been absorbed into the ring, making it even stronger.

He rolled up his sleeve to show me another small tattoo: Sisyphus. Step by step, working hard. At some point, this Sisyphus will make it to the tip of the mountain and the stone will roll. 

Endurance, stamina, perseverance, one touch at a time. His side hustle as a biker integrates into this symbolic realm. I wonder what he is like as a theatre director – it must be wonderful to work with him. In any case, the world is his stage, and touches – be it one planet hitting the ring of another, the consistent touch of Sisyphus rolling the stone forward, the art that touches the life of another and sparks it up – those big and small, bursting and subtle collisions, bring forth a spark igniting the good in life. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your spark with us! It works! Sezer’s smallest shows the slight touch of a hand onto Saturn’s ring.


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