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6 Communion in Assemblages

Derya was on her way to Fusion Festival with her friends. They had not been able to get into the shuttle bus, and I was giving them a lift. Derya squeezed in the car with her assemblage of friends, tents, food, towels and festival glitter looking forward to a five-day communion with so many other creatures and objects.

“I believe that we are all relationally connected with everything.

We are a community with senses, a community with the environment", Derya said. "It is through this communal relation that we care for each other, love each other. What I believe in is the idea of a communion, a communion establishing itself in order to live in harmony with the environment, and not to harm the environment.”

Reflecting some more, she added: “Monism. Pathways, proximity, assemblages. This is what I believe in.”

That day, Derya was wearing dark pastel tones. They reminded me of a dark purple night with secret assemblages and magical connections – maybe a preview of what she would experience at the festival? Her smallest is soaked in this purple, a purple to dive in. In it, connected with glitter, we find an assemblage of the moon, starfish, stars, oranges. A loving and caring heart at its centre. A communion in assemblage. Peaceful leaves on silver lining branches embrace her smallest, inviting us in to this communion.

Touch it - and the magic glitter will make you as well part of this assemblage.


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