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8 Doubt and Critique

After having thought about her answer for some time, Marie said:

“I believe in logic, and in facts. They cannot betray you."

"But…”, and she started thinking aloud, “do I believe in emotions?

They definitely can betray you. But facts and emotions hang together through the interpretation of facts, because facts are always interpreted and evaluated based on a certain emotional state, and it is this interpretation that one believes in… “

She sighed. “This is all very difficult”, she concluded.

“I believe in doubt and critique.”

And, after a short pause, she added: “Or… in nothing at all.”

Nothing – the canvas is left blank, except from a mind map depicting Marie’s train of thought. You turn the smallest around and you see that the backside of the fabric is labeled ‘LOGIK’ (LOGIC). Logic being the one thing that can be believed in, but, at the same time, logic is just a mechanism for thinking, for holding thoughts together, not a something in itself.

On the frontside, you see the relations she described between facts, emotions, interpretations, and the emotionalised-interpreted facts that are believed in. Cherishing golden lines separate ‘KRITIK' (CRITIQUE) and ‘ZWEIFEL' (DOUBT) somehow and imperfectly. How do they relate to the fabric-'LOGIC'? It holds them, and it enables their existence.


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