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10 Energies

It was exactly the right moment. The energy felt right, and, as so often, everything made sense in NEUEREALITAET, because everything was an expression of everything and itself. This smallest made me realise that the very situations the believes are being discussed in mirror those believes.

Caro and me were sitting in film school after an editing session of a short we shot with our class. I asked her whether she wanted to participate in my project and her eyes sparked up. “Yeeeesss”, she smiled, and her answer came straight away. “I believe in energies.”

Caro told me the story of when she first found proof of her believe.

It was in a university lecture when her professor asked them to do an exercise with their hands: Put one hand on top of the other, palms facing each other, hands bent in an arch. Do you feel the energy? Oh, yes. “I also believe in astrology in that sense, because there is energy between everything - planets, people, animals, plants. There is energy everywhere."

"Some people's energy is very heavy – I can still be friends with them, but then I sometimes need to get myself out. Our energy affects everything.”

"And in the context of astrology and planets, there is this idea of the infinite universal expansion - but we do not even know what ‘infinite’ means, we are not even able to think of anything infinite!"

You can hold your hand over Caro’s smallest and feel the energy running through you. The smallest itself has an energy to it! It symbolises the exercise her professor showed to her with a ball of gold matter-realising the energy between the hands.


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