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3 Wisdom

“I believe in wisdom”, Chris said.

“Wisdom finds you – not the other way round."

“How does that happen?”, I wondered.

"Wisdom finds you as a sudden intuition, a ‘click’ moment", he answered.

"This is how you become a better human being. The bible, the Quran, for example – all of these things actually do carry a good pinch of wisdom, no matter which religion they represent. Wisdom is not only carried over by religion, but also handed over in conversations, riddles, fairytales, and myths. The fact that there is some knowledge that has been carried over for thousands of years, maxims for our actions, gives me the certainty that the human being is ultimately good and not the mere, arbitrary interaction of molecules. That there is a higher meaning, a sense surviving thousands of years. The wisdom carried over in those ways is not bound to societal status – everyone has access to it. It is there, and you can make something out of it.”

I asked him whether he had a certain image in mind representing this wisdom. “Yes”, he said. “Two very old trees… all wrinkly and weathered. They grow together with their branches.” I asked him about the time of the day he was envisioning for this scenery. “Morning”, he said. “Dawn, there is gold, red, orange, a little bit of pink…”


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