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7 Continuous Practice

We met for lunch in our neighbourhood and talked about our favourite topics: Entanglements, webs, networks. The subconscious. Artistic expression. I love our conversations for their complexity and I am sure to disappoint Marlon with this simplistic fraction of our encounter, but… here we go, after all, there is the smallest as an artistic expression to encapsulate all of this and more than words can describe.

Marlon’s artistic practice and form of expression are circus acrobatics, dance, and words. He is a researcher studying the relationship of art and psychology.

He said: “Phantasy and art can heal. Everybody finds their own personal way of artistic expression. No one can rule what is art and what isn’t art. Both the access to and the practices of art and phantasy are very personal and intimate. They create ways for the unconscious to get expressed. Being so personal, each artistic expression creates new accesses to our reality."

"Yet, I don’t think that any artistic expression is ever completely spontaneous", he added. "It is always the outcome of practice. And it is this practice that enables moments of flow and inspiration. So, I believe in continuous practice in order to reach those moments.”

One of Marlon’s most cherished artistic practices is the handstand. At the moment, he practices standing on only one hand. “It feels like starting handstand all over again”, he smiled. The device which which he practices – can I call it a hand-stand? – was a birthday gift from his friends (one of them was me). Through continuous practice, moments of inspiration and flow become possible.

Marlon’s smallest shows a circus from above. A web, a network. Lights lining up until they reach the peak that holds everything together, a bright, golden light indicating the moment of inspiration and flow you reach through continuous practice.

Turn the canvas around and you see the golden imprint of a single hand standing just where the brightest golden light is positioned on the other side of the canvas.


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